Farlin Outing Mama Bag

Farlin Outing Bag is designed elaborately with enlarged capacity, abundant packets for putting feeding bottle, milk container, diapers, talc powder, playthings and garments, etc. Wide design is more suitable for putting things vertically to make them more easily taken for use. It is an aid for mother’s outing, travelling, and daily storage.


Key Features:

  • It has multiple compartments, so you can organise all your things accordingly.
  • Flexible band design for best fixing things.
  • Adjustable straps can be hand-carried, shoulder bag & across bag.
  • Hangable at the back of the seat of automobile or stroller.
  • Special zipper at the bag side, which is in particular anti-slip design.
  • 3D netting bag with two-way opening design; very convenient for hanging by either side.
  • Pocket division with flexible band design for best fixing & placing baby’s items properly.
  • Considerate wide base flexible band design, which is especially convenient for the wet wipes placing, & for easier pulling of wipes.

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