Farlin Multi-Usage Baby Chair

Farlin BF-849A Comfortable Baby Chair is for six months and up age group babies. This chair is comfortable and highly safe so that it doesn’t harm your baby. It can be used as classic ryegrass – swinging in up and down or back and forth direction using the wheels. It contains 4 wheels and a large wheelbase so you can easily move the chair wherever you want. This chair also has a mosquito net to protect your baby from a mosquito bite.


Key Features:

  • With 4 springs ryegrass is safe and comfortable.
  • With 4 wheels and a large wheelbase.
  • Can be used as a classic ryegrass – swinging in the direction of up and down or back and forth in the direction of using the wheel.
  • It has a mosquito net.
  • Fixable backrest.


Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg