Farlin Feeding Bottle Wash – 700ml

Farlin BF-200-5 Feeding Bottle Wash 500ml is extensively used for cleaning everything from fruits, vegetables, and toys to many other tableware items. This helps in maintaining the baby’s hygiene. This non-toxic fluid is purely safe to use.


Key Features:

  • Formulated with plants extract.
  • Anti-bacterial thoroughly cleanses feeding bottles and effectively remove milk remnants.
  • Non-artificial perfume and pigment, environment protecting, non-phosphorus, non-toxic.
  • No harmful remains.
  • Also for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys and tablewares, etc.

How to Use:

  • Turn the press-cap anticlockwise till the press-cap jump up. Then press the cap several times till the contents flow out. (One press for about 3ml).
  • It will be more effective in cleaning and anti-bacteria to immerse with articles for more than 3 minutes after washing (approx. 2.5ml wash liquid to 1L water) then rinse thoroughly.

Additional information

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