Farlin Cotton Buds (BF-113) – 100pcs

The high quality cotton used in the Farlin Cotton Swab make them safe to be used on the skin and inside the ear canal. The stem of this Farlin Cotton Swab is soft that makes it ideal to clean children’s ears. The polypropylene stem allows it to easily adjust to the curvy contours of an infant’s ear, navel, nose or mouth. These Farlin swabs can be used for newborns and older kids.


Key Features:

  • Made of superior quality cotton and plastic & pliable stem.
  • Double tipped swab.
  • Cotton is fluorescence free.
  • Environment-friendly plastic.
  • Ideal to clean the baby’s delicate skin parts.
  • Gentle and absorbent.
  • Content: 100 pieces.

Additional information

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