Farlin Bath Tub

Bathing babies is undoubtedly a strenuous and time consuming task as they tend to cry frequently. This is why most parents opt for compact and safe to use bathtubs to keep babies more relaxed and calm during bath time. One such smartly designed accessory is the Farlin Baby Tub, a perfect solution to keep your little one as comfortable as possible.

This Bath Tub makes washing time fun and advantageous for both infant and mother. It comprises of a channel rooster (present at the base) to deplete out the water. It is light weight, helpful and space-sparing. Anti-slip design ensures the safety Water capacity 30 litres Drainer design at the bottom, easy to drain out the water Light weight, convenient and space-saving. It additionally has a cleanser case.


Key Features:

  • Drainer design at the bottom.
  • Anti-slip design, ensures the safety.
  • Light weight, convenient and space saving.
  • With water valve to easily drain off water.
  • Stable design increases safety.
  • More comfortable if matched with net, and mat.
  • Consists of a drain cock (present at the bottom) to drain out the water
  • It also have a soap case
  • The soft reticular bathtub support
  • Easily installation
  • Convenient to store
  • Good assistant when bathing the baby

Additional information

Weight 2 kg