Chicco Easy Cup for 12+Months Boy

Chicco offers entire new line of its cups that best suit the needs of your little one across every stage of his/her development. Chicco Easy Cup is for 12 months+ babies to help them learn to drink just like an adult from the rim of a glass without dripping. The thin rim-like spout, similar to the edge of a glass, helps the child to learn how to tighten the lips on the rims to drink from a glass. It is BPA free and has a bite-resistant spout.


Key Features:

  • Cup specially designed to help babies to drink from a glass
  • Slim spout similar to the edge of a glass
  • Facilitates the positioning of the lips just like around the edge of a glass
  • Allows the child to learn how to tighten the lips to drink from the glass
  • Ergonomic shape leaves space for the baby’s nose for easy breathing
  • Promotes correct positioning of the lips and neck
  • Innovative easy removable sip valve, to ensure the anti-drop seal of the cup
  • BPA, PVC and Latex-free
  • For growing baby boy (12 Month +)

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

12+ Months






BPA Free