Chicco Set 4M+ Natural Feeling Adjustable Flow Teat- 2pc

Chicco Step up Adjustable Flow Teats 2pcs – 4months+ featuring non-angled teat is ideal from 2 months onwards, when the colic episodes have subsided. The flow can be adjusted to suit the baby’s needs, turning the desired flow rate number on the teat under the baby’s nose. Ideal for babies during the first few months, when their eating appetites increase. The step up teat is soft and simulates the wrinkles of a mother


Key Features:

  • Dual anti colic valve.
  • It prevents air from being swallowed, reducing the risk of colics.
  • Broad base.
  • specific for ample lip support in the first months.
  • Flexors at the base.
  • simulate the mother

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

4+ Months