Chicco Physio Comfort for 12-36M Soother (Pink)

Chicco physio comfort soother 12m+ provides maximum comfort during suction movements through the ‘Active’ teat that favours the correct development of the baby’s mouth. Tiny ridges, groove and angled shape encourage the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth while the teat shape favours the correct development of the palate, correctly distributing the pressure of the tongue over the entire palate. The ultra-slim and soft base promotes optimal closure of the mouth while ergonomical shape ensures the maximum space for the chin and the nose, facilitating breathing and movement.


Key Features:

  • Ergonomic, comfortable and gentle on the skin
  • Special ergonomic shape: maintains sufficient distance from the chin and nose, makes breathing and movements easier while sucking. With ring for attaching pacifier chains / straps.
  • With only 4 convex contact points: Particularly gentle on baby’s skin.
  • “Freestanding teat”: The area at the base of the teat is wide and at an optimal distance from the baby’s mouth to leave enough space for the natural movements of the lips.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

12 – 36 Months