Chicco Nipple Shields Silicone – (M-L)

Protect your breasts and allow you to breastfeed for a longer time: the shape of the shield and the thin thickness make it easier to transmit the heat and the smell of the mother. They allow maximum contact of the nose and chin of the baby with the skin of the breast, thus optimizing tactile and olfactory sensations, beneficial and rewarding that characterize breastfeeding.

Maximum skin contact between mom and baby
The special ergonomic shape is designed to ensure that the baby’s nose and chin are in contact with the mother’s toothpaste for natural breastfeeding.Ultra thin and ultra-soft silicone
The thin layer makes them invisible and allows the transmission of the heat of the mother’s skin; special silicone “mom effect”, soft and velvety for a natural feel during breastfeeding.

Functional skirt
The oval shape of the tattoo favors the correct position of the mouth and a proper breastfeeding, vertical slits allow the milk to flow naturally and continuously, without stagnation.

Practical Sterilizing Case
Paracuplets can be sterilized directly into the microwave oven case.
Eliminates 99.9% of harmful domestic germs


Key Features:

  • Allows easy latch-on for babies
  • Unique shape
  • The most extended nipple shield with wide lower edges in the market
  • Comes with a practical self sterilising container
  • Mimics the maternal breast
  • Easily adheres on the breast.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg