Chicco Meal Set for 12+Months(Green)

The tableware range is specifically designed to turn the mealtimes into simple, peaceful moments for the parents and the child. The shape of the dishes ensures an easy grip and makes the set comfortable to use.


Key Features:

  • The cup is modified to meet the needs and capabilities of the child in a gradual and progressive manner. To get him used to drinking from a real glass, first the valve can be removed from the spout followed by gradually removing even this along with the handles.
  • The handles facilitate holding and keep the base of the cup tilted.
  • The stiff spout and the soft-touch lip support help the child learn how to correctly position his lips and tongue.
  • The non-drip valve prevents liquid spills at the table and while being carried.
  • Set made up of soft cup, stay warm plate 2 in 1, first spoon.
  • Designed for babies to start weaning.
  • Funny graphics entertain your kids and encourage them to eat.
  • 2 in 1 plate made up of a heating base and a bowl.
  • Plate’s capacity designed based on child’s feeding.
  • The heating base can be filled with warm water in order to keep the food warm longer.
  • An ergonomic shape with an anti-burn device and a non-slip base.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Suitable for children above 12 months.

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12+ Months