Ultrasounds Anti-mosquito Plug In

NPR 1,119.00
The ultrasound technology works to repel the mosquitoes with their unique technology of releasing high-frequency waves, which prove to be harmful to them. Specially designed for babies of 0 months and above.
  • The Chicco mosquito repellent device acts through ultrasound waves that annoy mosquitoes, but which do not cause any unwanted effects to people. 
  • With its anti-dark light signal it is ideal in the children's room. 
  • As it is absolutely ecological and does not emit chemicals, it is not necessary to air the premises after its use. 
  • Reduced energy consumption. 
  • These devices emit ultrasonic waves, due to which the nervous system of the mosquitoes is entirely disrupted and appalled or dead even in some cases. 
  • The ultrasonic mosquito repelled helps in the process of protecting your baby from deadly mosquitoes. 
  • It is unlike the harmful repellents, which may cause respiratory problems, and is baby-safe. It does not make a sound in the room when plugged in, ensuring your baby a good night's sleep. 
  • The little white colour device with a speaker-like structure comes with minor energy consumption, almost negligible and doesn't contain any additives. 
  •  No fumes or chemicals are released into the room.



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