Classic Breast Pump

NPR 3,279.00
The Chicco Classic breast pump is easy to use. It allows a quick and practical expression of milk.
  • Chicco Classic Breast Pump comes as a great solution for all lactating mothers who suffer from tremendous pain while breastfeeding their babies. 
  • It is known to all that mother’s milk has the optimum level of nutrition that a baby requires soon after birth.
  • Pediatrics are of the opinion that if a baby isn’t breastfed properly, their immunity to fight against diseases isn’t quite good. 
  • So in order to provide your baby with the requisite nutrition, buy this breast pump. 
  • This Chicco Classic Breast Pump is made from high-quality plastic and rubber which is completely safe for you and your little one. 
  • This white-colored breast pump helps in the easy extraction of milk without causing the mother any pain. 
  • It comes with a suction rate control system. 
  • This advanced system can help regulate the speed of the pump depending on your requirement.



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